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Advantages of Modular Delivery

Advantages of Modular Delivery

We have gathered very considerable experience in the design, construction and delivery of pre-assembled modular plants. Today, we supply plants from pilot plant size to large industrial production plants, with annual single train capacities in excess of 200,000 MTPY in pre-assembled modular form.

The erection and installation of all plant components in a free standing steel structure is carried out under optimal conditions and with minimal impact on the adjacent facilities.

The modular plant design effectively manages the risk of uncertainties in the overall delivery of the project.

Advantages of pre-assembled modular plants are significant risk mitigation in all key areas of project delivery:

  • Improved safety. Construction work in a controlled and expert managed environment

  • Shorter construction time due to higher productivity

  • Minimum site construction hours and minimal impact on ongoing operations

  • High quality

  • Project management with one interface point

  • Clearly defined battery limits

  • Price certainty

Modular plant concept

Modular plant concept


Standardised modular designs for a number of batch capacities are available, which can be tailored to specific site, market or client requirements.

The plants typically consist of the following sections:

  • Pre-Treatment

  • Jet Reactor

  • Post-Treatment

  • Filtration

Thyssenkrupp also provides standard modular designs for

  • Oxides storage and distribution

  • Catalysts & chemicals dosing systems

  • Select utility systems



The Jet Reactor design concept facilitates a stage-wise investment approach which can provide significant benefits to the client in terms of lower initial investment and improved project returns. This may be especially useful in markets which are growing rapidly, or where there is high potential for adding new product lines to the portfolio.



Separation of the main process functions into discrete reaction vessels (Pre-Treatment, Jet Reactor, and Post-Treatment) enables process conditions to be individually optimized, thus achieving a flexible yet economical design.

In addition, our modular approach employs further process options to customize the design for specific purposes such as minimum utilities consumption, corrosion resistance, or manufacture of higher-value products:

  • Heat Recovery

  • High Growth loop

  • Optional air or water cooled reactor

  • Reactor material of construction optimization

thyssenkrupp’s modular philosophy provides unparalleled flexibility and optionality to our clients as it greatly facilitates subsequent revamps whether for capacity growth, for new products or recipes, to meet ever more stringent quality requirements, or to improve energy consumption.

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